bomb hair : extensions  education  lifestyle
bomb hair : extensions  education  lifestyle

Braided Method Level 3: Advanced Three to Four Rows $100

Braided Method Level Two must be completed prior to level three class

Class requirements:

  • Models hair must be chin length. No longer than shoulder length
  • Purchase 2 packs of Bombhair
  • Bombhair toolkit

Class Outline:

  • Braiding tracks... the Bombhair way
  • Sewing tracks to create an anchor
  • Sewing Bombhair onto your braided tracks
  • It's time to cut!
  • Cut and blend extensions
  • Advanced techniques for texturizing and blending
  • Instructions for proper care of Bombhair

Don't forget the essentials: Bombhair toolkit, blow-dryer, flat iron, brushes, rat tail comb, cutting comb, hairspray and shears.